How to Measure Effectiveness of Chatbot?

If you’ve decided to implement chatbots on your website, you’re probably wondering how to measure their effectiveness. Is there a way to tell if the solution meets your expectations and has a positive impact on UX? Keep reading to discover how to measure effectiveness of chatbot!

How to measure effectiveness of chatbot? The most important parameters

Chatbots are extremely efficient solutions that allow users to quickly discover answers to questions that are bothering them. But how to measure effectiveness of chatbot? Take a look at the list below to discover key performance indicators that will help you estimate whether your chatbot serves its purpose:

  • the number of website visitors who use the chatbot – if you see that only a few people interact with the tool, it’s a sign that it can probably be refined,
  • the length of conversations – if your chatbot is effective, it should engage users and encourage them to continue the conversation,
  • the time the chatbot needs to start conversation – modern users are inpatient. They don’t like waiting, so if your chatbot’s response time isn’t short, they may get irritated and leave the site.

how to measure effectiveness of chatbot

The takeaway

These are only three key parameters you should analyze when wondering how to measure effectiveness of chatbot. Although the task isn’t a piece of cake, it’s worth remembering that properly implemented tools can support your business.