Digital Transformation in Education – What Are the Main Challenges?

Digital transformation becomes an indispensable part of our everyday lives. How does it affect the education sector and what are the most popular challenges in this respect? Keep reading!

What is digital transformation?

In a nutshell, digital transformation in education is about using modern technologies to automate everyday activities performed by institutions. It helps to streamline processes and gives professionals more time to focus on other aspects of their work.

digital transformation in education

Digital transformation in education – main challenges?

What are the main challenges of digital transformation in education?

  • As a society, we like solutions we’re familiar with. People are frequently afraid of changes, that’s why many institutions aren’t willing to invest in digital transformation in education,
  • Educational institutions don’t have a clear strategy they should follow, therefore, it’s hard for them to continuously implement changes,
  • Systems and tools in schools frequently aren’t compatible and can’t be integrated with external resources easily,
  • Information about students and teachers isn’t used efficiently which hinders digital transformation in education,
  • Cutting-edge technology usually costs an arm and a leg. Unfortunately, many public schools can’t afford such an investment.

The takeaway

Digital transformation in education is a great way to limit the number of repetitive tasks and to use available resources more efficiently. Unfortunately, due to the challenges mentioned above, many institutions aren’t able to invest in similar solutions.