Benefits of the customer partner portal

Getting to successful sales and customer outreach is a long road, and it is helped by partner portals that connect businesses and work in partnership to deliver a product or service. A customer portal is a private network that allows partners, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders to access parts of a company or institution. They provide protected digital access to the organisation’s network, communities, files and other information. Customer portals are very useful in various organisations, which is why so many companies and industries use them. It is hard to imagine how their world would have survived them during the Covid-19 pandemic.

What do customer portals do?

In practice, a company creates such a portal to improve communication as well as cooperation with its business partners. In addition, they are part of (PRM), which is a system for connecting related companies. Resources that are absolutely necessary to market new products include categories such as marketing, pricing and sales information, technical product information and training. Advanced collaboration is also at your fingertips, leading to greater customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Effective cooperation

Through agile collaboration, you can provide your customers and partners with personalised and specific information that will benefit them, such as new knowledge and test experiences. This could be a transport company that notifies its customers of truck or plane departure times so that customers can place orders using this information. Collaborative customers portals offer easy access to relevant information such as frequently asked questions, troubleshooting tips, company data, product details and much more. If the site is updated, all this information is completed in real time.

partner portals

Loyal customers, thanks to better service

These solutions can improve the customer experience by offering additional channels of communication. This in turn leads to a feeling of care in the customer, due to us providing accurate and up-to-date information. This gives us a much broader opportunity to retain that customer and guarantees greater loyalty to the services and products we offer. One of the biggest reasons companies choose to partner with a customer portal is that it enables them to resolve their own queries. This is an incentive for customers who do not want to waste time on the phone line to get a quicker answer to their question. It is also a big plus for the service provider, who can save on labour costs.