What Is Intelligent Process Automation?

The new digital era offers more and more solutions tailored to the needs of multiple organizations. Using the intelligent process automation solution, organizations gain cross-platform insights on how to succeed. What exactly is intelligent process automation?

Intelligent process automation – what is it?

Cognitive process automation, otherwise known as intelligent process automation combines business process management (BPM), robotic process automation (RPA), and intelligent automation (IA). It’s applied to streamline business processes and give organizations comprehensive insights concerning their workflows, strategies, and investments. Using it, business owners can effectively modify their strategies to stay competitive and comply with dynamically changing markets.

intelligent process automation

Main components of intelligent process automation

To better understand the concept of intelligent process automation, it’s crucial to analyze its three core components: 

  • data integration – it involves obtaining data from various sources and presenting it as one unified view
  • workflow and process automation – this element of intelligent process automation helps business professionals automate repetitive processes and faster data workflows.
  • predictive analytics powered by artificial intelligence – it uses advanced algorithms to analyze structured and unstructured data to help organizations make data-driven decisions.

The takeaway

Implementing intelligent process automation in routine operations, organizations gain the opportunity to scale their business constantly, decrease operational costs and win extra time on more strategic plans. M Make your organization data-driven – try Put It Forward tool in action.