How to Add Content Lockers on a website?

The implementation of affiliate marketing solutions is an extremely important element of the promotion and monetization of content on the site. Graphically coherent solutions are not only a method of eliminating additional advertising banners, but, most importantly, a comprehensive way to attract the user’s attention. However, the implementation of such a solution should be done with your head! From today’s guide you will learn how to add content lockers on a website.

Content locker structure

The actions should be carried out gradually, so as not to forget about any component. It is worth to use the generators prepared earlier, which will tell you what steps to take to make the message, both textual and graphic, consistent.

Check ut How to Add Content Lockers on a website.

A message consists of:

  • graphic part,
  • text part.

Both of them should be related to the content of the site, interest the eye, and at the same time not saturate the user with information. So how to implement content locker correctly?

How to add content lockers on a website?

The answer to the question how to add content lockers on a website will be to use a generator that helps to develop the above mentioned components. Editing, both visually and in code, will help you to better control the order and quality of the presentation method. The generated script is then implemented in the page code.