Content Moderators and the Mental Health – What’s the Connection?

Creating a safe and moderated online community becomes increasingly important. Thanks to it, it’s possible to keep the finger on the pulse and protect users against violent, or offensive content. What is the connection between content moderators and the mental health? Keep reading!

Why is content moderation important?

The amount of user-generated content increases so drastically, that it’s probably impossible to keep track of all the information published by internet users.

That’s why, it’s extremely important to invest in professional content moderation. It allows protecting users (including children) against offensive, violent or otherwise inappropriate content.

What’s the connection between content moderators and the mental health?

content moderators and the mental health

Content moderators and the mental health – three pillar elements

When thinking about content moderators and the mental health, it’s important to mention three main pillars that guarantee proper well-being of specialists who deal with content moderation on a daily basis. These include:

  • recruitment – it’s crucial to tailor the job position to the actual skills and predisposition of the candidate. Being transparent and taking emotional intelligence into account is vital to increase future employee’s chances for success.
  • training – make sure that your content moderators get appropriate training on a regular basis. Thanks to it, they will be ready to face upcoming challenges, and they will know what to expect.
  • real-time support – content moderators should have constant support of professionals and mental health specialists. The job of a content moderator means that you can never be sure what will happen. Support is worth its weight in gold in emergency situations.

The takeaway

There is a close relationship between the content moderators and the mental health. Taking care of your employees’ well-being will translate into their effectiveness.