Information worker – who is this person?

If you have met the term information worker and have no idea who aka person is, then in this article you can find out.

Who can we call an information worker

An information worker is such a person who uses data and information to support the decision-making process. It is also a person who creates information that helps other people make decisions. In earlier years, such a worker was called a person who created value with the help of the knowledge he or she possessed, but with the change in technology, the term has also changed in meaning. Nowadays, the people we can call information workers are all workers who base their actions and decisions on what their brains tell them to do and on what their own knowledge and available information is.

information worker

The role of tools

Tools are an integral part of every worker. Just like a gardener who has a pruning shears, an information worker has his own tools to work with. Almost all white-collar workers, like physical workers, rely not only on their brains, but also on the tools they have. Often these are software and databases that gather information on a subject, or modern equipment that automates processes.